Columbia Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

You have been arrested and charged with domestic abuse for an assault on a spouse or a partner. Although you have been released from jail on bond, the court has ordered that you leave your residence. You can have no contact with your spouse or partner. You do not know where to turn next.

At the law firm of David W. Farrell, Attorney at Law, our Columbia domestic violence defense attorney is here to help. We understand what to do. We can help you put your life back together and fight these serious criminal charges. Contact our South Carolina criminal defense lawyer online today. The sooner we can get to work, the more opportunities we may have to address a restraining order and prevent the consequences of a domestic abuse conviction.

Dedicated Representation Informed By More Than 25 Years of Experience

You will get the full benefit of our experience when you choose our law firm. Your case will be handled directly by criminal law attorney David W. Farrell, who has been practicing throughout South Carolina for 27 years. Your case will never be passed onto an inexperienced associate or paralegal. This personal touch is what separates us from large "legal mills". You can be confident in our knowledge of the legal processes involved in these cases and we will make ourselves available throughout the duration of your case.

We get to work immediately, filing motions to discover the specifics about your accuser, the police and any witnesses. We will review all of the physical evidence. We will use these facts to build a legal strategy designed to defend you against the abuse charges you are facing. Our strategy may involve going to trial. It may involve using our skills as negotiators to reach a satisfactory resolution. We will work closely with you so you understand the risks and advantages of each option. We will provide you with the guidance you need to move forward.

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Allegations of domestic abuse can destroy lives. We are committed to helping you protect your rights. Contact our Columbia domestic violence defense lawyer online or call 803-807-2205 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.