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The legal drinking age in South Carolina is 21. Individuals who are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in South Carolina face strict penalties for drinking and driving. The penalties for underage DUIs are strict even for first-time offenders. Youth drivers charged with a DUI face jail time up to 30 days, a fine starting at $400, and license suspension up to 6 months.

Underage drinking and driving may also lead to other serious charges. Youth can be charged as being a minor in possession of alcohol. In some cases, underage DUI drivers may face child endangerment charges. Additionally, if the driver is found to be in possession of a fake ID, the individual can face more serious criminal charges.

If you or your child has been accused of a DUI under the age of 21, you have the right to seek the representation of an underage DUI attorney. David W. Farrell: Attorney at Law is a firm devoted to defending the rights of youth and minors. The firm of David W. Farrell understands that minors are vulnerable clients who are often poorly served by the criminal justice system. Youth have the right to seek representation, and minors, like adults, are innocent until proven guilty.

Fighting Minor in Possession of Alcohol Charges in Columbia, South Carolina

In South Carolina, a person under 21 years of age is not allowed to possess, attempt to buy, or buy alcohol. Underage purchase, drinking, or possession can lead to the revocation, denial, or suspension of the youth's driver's license even if the youth was not behind the wheel when he or she was caught drinking. University students may be subject to discipline under the Student Conduct Code as well as the criminal justice system.

Charges for minor in possession can be more severe if the minor was found to be in possession or using a fake ID in order to acquire or purchase alcohol. The law provides strict penalties and repercussions for youth in this circumstance. Fortunately, a criminal defense lawyer can help review the circumstances in which the minor was charged, and perform a complete investigation into the matter. Minors have the right to protect their future police record, driving records, freedom, and ability to drive. With adequate representation from the firm of David W. Farrell, charges can be dropped, reduced or diverted.

Protect Your Insurance and Record

Unfortunately, a DUI has severe repercussions for a minors' driving record, criminal record, and even his or her ability to secure proper insurance in the future. Many insurance companies choose to deny insurance to youth who have a DUI on their records. Other companies may raise the insurance rate by as much as $200 dollars a month. The cost of a DUI in terms of jail time, fines, and insurance fees can go into the thousands, and sometimes even into the tens of thousands of dollars. If you have been accused of underage drinking, minor in possession, or underage DUI, you need an underage DUI lawyer like David W. Farrell.

Defending Youth Rights

David W. Farrell has over 27 years of experience in Columbia, South Carolina prosecuting and defending criminal cases. Mr. Farrell understands that any criminal charge results in stress and uncertainty and he makes himself personally available to his clients every step of the way. David W. Farrell handles all of his defense cases himself, meaning that you will never have to deal with someone who is inexperienced or not informed about your case.

Mr. Farrell understands that not all DUI cases are clear cut. Sometimes minors are stopped without clear reason. Field sobriety tests are sometimes mishandled. Law officers sometimes fail to handle procedural matters involving minors in accordance with proper law. Contact the Law Office of David W. Farrell today for a free initial consultation. Time is of the essence. Don't delay.