Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Cayce, SC

At David W. Farrell, Attorney at Law, our devotion to our clients is always our number one priority. In our 25 years of experience, we have helped countless clients from all over Cayce come out winning after their traffic ticket case.

The David W. Farrell, Attorney at Law has years of experience working on traffic ticket cases in order to try and meet the goals of our clients. In our experience, we have seen many successful traffic ticket cases get resolved, and we look forward to achieving a successul outcome towards your case. 

You do not need to worry about what charges you are facing in the Cayce area. David W. Farrell, Attorney at Law is here to help you with your traffic ticket cases, and many other criminal defense cases. With 25 years experience in the field, we can help you with everything from felonies to misdemeanors in the Cayce area.

Your traffic ticket case may seem like an insurmountable task, but with an experienced defense team at your side in Cayce you may soon be seeing a positive light on your chances. With 25 years working with clients throughout the area, David W. Farrell, Attorney at Law invites you to give us a call at (803) 807-2205 and learn how we can improve the chances of your case. 

David W. Farrell, Attorney at Law | 2229 Bull Street | Columbia, SC 29201 | (803) 807-2205

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